Carburetor Rebuild Ordering Information
To order a carburetor rebuild, NO ADVANCE PAYMENT IS REQUIRED. Simply drop us an e-mail to let us know the type of carbs you are sending, and then mail them to us; we will e-mail you to confirm their arrival. (Please see "IMPORTANT WARNING" below).

During the rebuild process, we will email you once we have had the opportunity to disassemble, and review your carbs, and advise you of any additional work, or parts, that may be required. Once the rebuild has been completed, and the carbs are ready to ship, we will send you a PayPal payment request. If you prefer, we can send you a invoice (via PayPal), which can be paid using a credit card, or you may send a USPS Money Order for the amount advised. Sorry, we do not accept checks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are now permanently CLOSED in the U.S. We will be opening our new facility in the UK in 2017, serving the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. I apologize for any inconvenience this change causes.


PLEASE, PLEASE, BEFORE REMOVING YOUR CARBS FROM THE CAR, make sure you have checked your plugs, tappet (rocker) clearances, the timing, and eliminated ALL vacuum leaks. As much as I would like your business; if it is NOT the carbs that are giving you trouble before we rebuild them, you will still have the same trouble when you get them back! If you are not sure about this, then please check out our DIY Section FIRST.

If you are still not sure what the problem is, e-mail me by clicking on the link at the bottom of every page, and ask; I am only too happy to help.

CORE POLICY: To be considered rebuildable, the cores must be free of any seized, broken, or damaged parts. They should include all of the items you would expect to receive on your rebuilt carbs, including all linkages, levers, and springs. On twin and triple carb setups, please ensure that all throttle, and choke linkages are supplied with the cores.

NOTE: Parts which are missing, or considered by us to be unfit for re-use, and are over and above the contents of an SU Rebuild Kit, will be charged at the current prices as published by Moss Motors, or other leading supplier. Should this occur however, you will be contacted for your approval before the work proceeds further.

RETURN SHIPPING IS CHARGED AT OUR COST. In order to keep your costs to a minimum, please remove the carburetor(s) from the manifold, heat-shield (if applicable); and any hard fuel lines; they are not necessary for the restoration, increase the size of the box required, and can add significant extra weight, both of which will increase the cost of shipping. However, if you would like your inlet manifold bead-blasted, or your hard fuel lines refinished, please cemail me for a price. Return shipping of these will /also be charged at our cost.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not re-finish, air cleaners, air cleaner backplates, or Heatshields. If you do supply them they will returned in the same condition.

Please pack your carburetors carefully, and safely. We recommend using the US Post Office Flat-Rate, or Regional Rate Mailing boxes, which are available free of charge at any post office. Please Note that we do not recommend using UPS for any international shipments, due to the brokerage fees charged, which are billed back to the customer.

PLEASE!! Make sure that all the fuel is drained completely from the carb(s) before packaging! The carriers get very upset if the box smells of fuel. Plus, it could be dangerous.

British Classic Motors
109 Mersey Road
Greensboro, NC 27406-8115
(336) 587-9623 Mobile

IMPORTANT - Please be sure to provide all your contact information, including an e-mail address, so we can confirm that we have received your cores, and keep you posted as to their progress.


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